Laurence Young

Laurence Young has spent most of his adult years as a career artist. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and now resides in Provincetown.  Young’s relationship to Provincetown dates back to the early 60’s where as a young man, he came for the social scene. Returning in later years to perfect his craft as an […]

Keith Perelli

Keith Perelli is a visual artist working in painting, printmaking and drawing.  His figurative work explores a variety of social, political, and personal issues.  He is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and presently teaches Drawing and Painting at New Orleans Center for Creative Art, a pre-college conservatory for the arts.  He has participated in […]

Larry Thompson

Balance, contradiction, and metaphor are the over-arching three elements I try to interject into my work as a framework.  Through a layering process, be it the physical layering of juxtaposed images, the layering of image and text, or different skins of paint or charcoal stacked on each other, I hope the work will bring a […]

Martin Needom

Martin Needom is a visual artist who works primarily in three- dimensional media. Many works are metal, but others are wood, paper, and composites.  He also works in two-dimensional mixed media, oil, and acrylics as well as monotype print making and photography.  His contemporary three dimensional works consist of a variety of materials such as […]