Martin Needom

Martin Needom is a visual artist who works primarily in three- dimensional media. Many works are metal, but others are wood, paper, and composites.  He also works in two-dimensional mixed media, oil, and acrylics as well as monotype print making and photography.  His contemporary three dimensional works consist of a variety of materials such as steel, paper, wood, acrylic composite, and bronze.  Most two dimensional work reflects his interest in the landscape of coastal Louisiana, and also non objective subject matter.

He is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and has lived on the northshore of Lake Pontchatrain since 1969.  A retired secondary, social studies, and art teacher, he holds a BA in art from Southeastern Louisiana College.  In addition to producing his art, he also serves as an evaluator of students for admission to the talented visual arts program in Louisiana.

Throught his career as an artist, he has served the arts community in Saint Tammany Parish in the promotion and presentation of the arts.

He is a past member and managing partner of The Art Partnership, Fort Isabel Gallery in Covington, LA.