Laurence Young

Laurence Young has spent most of his adult years as a career artist. He grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and now resides in Provincetown.  Young’s relationship to Provincetown dates back to the early 60’s where as a young man, he came for the social scene. Returning in later years to perfect his craft as an artist.

After graduating with a BFA in Art Education from The University of Hartford, he continued his studies earning a Masters in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design.  A career followed in fabric design and ten years later he was learning to paint plein air on the streets of Provincetown with teacher Lois Griffel, in the style of the Impressionist School.

Young’s work began to flourish, but not without some bumps in the road.  He was a natural painter, but drawing was not his strong suit. At times, it challenged him with his paintings due to his lack of drawing skills. The artist claims that with strong resistance, he began attending the open anatomy drawing sessions at The Provincetown Art Association and Museum.  It took some adjustment, but his drawing improved and so did his painting.

As Laurence became more proficient in his drawing skills, he began to experiment by adding other kinds of drawing materials and sometimes even collage into the drawings.  The drawings were created for the sole purpose of his own enjoyment.  Very soon it became obvious that people were taking an interest.