Judy Hintz Cox

The joy of birthing my first daughter gave me excessive energy. At the time, I was living in Peru, SA. An artist friend invited me to paint with her while my newborn daughter slept. I always loved viewing art, especially abstract art, but never believed I had an artistic ability. Applying oil paint to a canvas for the first time, I felt like my inner self exploded. That was the beginning of a long artistic journey.

For several years I was fortunate to work with many artists who critiqued my paintings and taught me invaluable lessons. Though I had a BA in Sociology/Psychology, I decided to return to the University of Maryland for a BA in Studio Arts.

Working as a professional artist is tough. As in any job, I’m not always in the “mood” to paint, but know my paintings will not progress if I don’t work in my studio on a regular basis. If my paintings do not progress, I’m not able to market them which is necessary to fund my career.