Jimmie Nord

Jimmie Nord, an artist from Northern California, works out of his studio in Eureka.  He works mainly in wood and metal.  The work is a playful look into construction and the tools and equipment that are used.  He pulls his ideas from past work experiences such as construction and working with the U.S.Forest Service.  Jimmie’s playful side of his work comes from his youthful, fun-loving attitude and from the 8 years he worked with kids with Autism.  In 2011, Jimmie moved to Louisiana to attend Louisiana State University where he was given the opportunity to teach sculpture classes and facilitate support demonstrations for students in the metal and wood working labs.  After receiving his Masters of Fine Art from LSU, he returned to Eureka in 2014.  Currently, Jimmie is a lecturer at Humboldt State University teaching 3D design and Professional Practices in Art.  He is also an active member of the Redwood Art Association and a member of their Art and Education Committee.

As a child, I would take all of my toys, my father’s wood scraps, and anything else I could find and start taping them together.  I called the objects that I made, “my inventions.”  I would spend hours constructing my inventions, allowing my imagination to fuel the function of my creation.  Each invention would feed into the next idea: every object taking on its own life inside of my mind creating a continuous narrative.  This process is still true to the way I work today.  The processes, tools, and materials that I learned over the course of my life have helped transform my inventions into the art I now create.

The relationship between process and material in my sculptures is a look into a handcrafted history that helps form my ideas.  My process becomes the story of each piece, and the materials are the words.  Every wooden dowel, piece of wood, and steel rod is cut and attached one at a time like words pieced together to form a sentence.  I spend time with each part, measuring and sanding, and grinding them individually.  I get to know each part one-on-one and form a relationship with every piece that makes up the sculpture.  This visual way of communicating offers a glimpse into my imagination.