Connor McManus

A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, McManus is a 2013 Honors Graduate in Visual Arts and Urban Studies from Brown University. The artist presently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and works in graphic design and community centered architectural design.

Artwork by McManus is currently on view at Contemporain, Bankston/Adams Gallery in Baton Rouge, LA, in the New Orleans area at Perch and Muro Media, and View Gallery in Richland, MS.

I believe there are underlying aesthetic principles of beauty that unite architecture, music, art, cuisine, and nature. It can be seen in a plant leaf, cell structures, galactic or municipal organization, music and engineering. We come out of this world with natural tendencies toward the forces that grew us. Recently I’ve been captivated by trees. The saving grace of Providence winters is the architecture of trees denuded of their leaves, striking out against the gray light box sky. I love the forms. They remind me of neurons, coral, or cities seen from above: graceful, efficient, at once simple and complex – effortlessly intelligent.